A couple of years back, you had to really make an effort to find 4K movies. However, this is no longer the case. Almost every newly released movie comes in both HD and 4K format as well. Still, there are many doubts about this technology which we hope to clear in this article. In case you don’t know, Vpnforkodi editorial team is dedicated to presenting overviews of the best Kodi addons you can possibly find. This is why we will be dealing with the very best 4K Kodi addons in this article – but we’ll also go much further than that.

Aside from sharing fully-working 4K Kodi addons and their ways of installation, we’ll try to help you to understand what 4K actually means. Not every device is capable of playing high-resolution media files, which is why we’ll try to resolve any doubts. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Warning: Why you must NOT USE Kodi without VPN?

Here are the reasons that you should consider looking at it without SKIPPING.

  1. Using ILLEGAL Kodi Addons are Dangerous without a VPN: Most of the Kodi users are installing the ILLEGAL Kodi addons on their system to access all the latest movies, TV shows, sports, music, and much more for FREE, than a legal Kodi addons where it has the least content in it. But do you know what? The video content on illegal addons are a scraped and copyrighted material. If you are accessing them on Kodi, then your activities will be monitored by your ISP by tracking your IP and gives all the information to the government or companies if they request for it. This will land you in trouble. To stay away from this, you will have to connect to a VPN where it hides your identity by rotating your IP address while streaming Kodi content. This is how you will be safe from the prying eyes.
  2. Bypass Geo-Restriction: As you probably know, some official addons like BBC iPlayer, NBC Sports, Hulu, IceFilms have geo-location restrictions. This also applies to other addons like Acestream which fetches the data from torrents. To unblock these restrictions, you will have to DEFINITELY use a VPN no matter what.

The Top 10 Best Kodi 4K Movie Addons January 2019 (Quick Reference List)

  1. Magic Dragon
  2. WatchDogs
  3. At The Flix
  4. Eclipse
  5. LimitLess
  6. Movie Theater Butter
  7. T2K Movies
  8. Ghost
  9. Gen X
  10. Deceit
Addon NameRepo NameURL / Location
Magic DragonSupremacyhttp://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/
At The FlixMaverickhttp://mavericktv.net/mavrepo
LimitLessLuxury Repohttp://luxurywizard.space/luxury/
Movie Theater ButterDiamond Wizardhttp://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/
T2K MoviesT2k Repohttp://www.t2k-cloud.co.uk/Repo/
Gen XMaverickhttp://mavericktv.net/mavrepo
DeceitOne Nationhttp://onenation.info/Repo

1… The Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon is a popular all-in-one Addon from Supremacy repository.

Magic Dragon has movie and TV show categories. It gives multiple links to choose from including Oload Paring and Real Debrid which is separate from the standard links.

Sections include People Watching, Catch up TV, Documentary, Kids, Music, Movies, Radio, Sports, TV/Entertainment and much more.

How To Install The Magic Dragon

2… WatchDogs

Plenty of content to enjoy with this multi-scraper fork from the Hellhounds repository who have been on fire as of late. Dig into the Dogs Lists category and you’re in for a treat, with plenty of bonus content included for the more discerning user. One click, 4K, Live TV and sports, as well as an adult section (no kids allowed). Enjoy.

Watch Dogs categories are :- Movies – TV Shows – The Dog Lists – My Movies – My TV Shows – New Movies – New Episodes – Channels – Tools – Search .

How To Install WatchDogs

3… At The Flix

At The Flix Kodi addon. Maverick TV comes with another addon and this time it is all in one addon. At The Flix provides almost all type of streaming content which includes Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, Music, 4K Ultra HD, Concerts, Joker Sports, Direct links, Real Debrid Movies, Kids Movie and much more.

With Real Debrid integration, you will see tons of streaming content or you can try Direct links option as well if you don’t want to wait for the addon to scrape the content. In the End, this popular all in one addon should be on your list of best working addons.

How To Install At The Flix

4… Eclipse

  Is a new and fully loaded third-party Kodi addon recently added to the HellHounds Repository that focuses on new movies and TV shows. It features menu sections such as 4K, 1 Click, Films, Series, My Films, My Series, New Films, New Series, Tools, and more.

How To Install Eclipse 

5… Limitless

The hugely popular Luxury build team now bring to you their first add-on called Limitless. It’s an all-in-one add-on comprising a solid amount of content. It’s primarily Jen based, with some excellent additions to explore. Quick links for Debrid and pairing are conveniently included for you too. Enjoy.

Limitless categories are :- Movies – TV Shows – Kids – Sports – Real-Debrid Lounge – Comedy Night – 24/7 – News – Live TV – Authorize Real-Debrid Or Pair With Sites.

How To Install Limitless

6… Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter is a Kodi video Addon from the Diamond Wizard Repo.

It is a Fork of the Incursion Addon with updated code for links and plays streams with One-Click or from a long list.

It has two version one which tries to find the best link and plays automatically and the other that gives a long list of links to choose from.

How To Install Movie Theater Butter

7… T2K 1 Click Movie

The two main sections of T2K 1Click Addon includes Pair Openload and T2K 1 Click Movies.

When you click on Pair Openload, it will take you to Openload Website where you can pair your device with Openload to pull in streams from Openload.

However, it is not mandatory to pair Openload but it will give you more links to pull streams from for watching movies.

Once you select a movie under T2K 1 Click Movies section, it gives you three links to choose, Trailer, and Search option.

How To Install T2K 1 Click Movies

8… Ghost

This impressive add-on from Ghost is a combination of both and 1Click and multi-scraper add-on, and it also contains great depth with live TV provided. Quick links for search and Debrid resolver settings are provided.

Ghost categories are :- Movies – Movi Genres – Movies Years – Movies Boxsets – Movie Documentaries – 1Click Movies – 4K Movies – TV Shows – 1Click Tv Shows – Tv Shows Genres – TV 24-7 – TV Documentaries – Kids Boxsets – 1Click Kids – Animation – Animation TV – Kids TV – Live TV – Search TMDB – Search Trakt – RD Resolver URL Login – RD URL Resolver Login – Clear Cache – Settings .

How To Install Ghost

9… Gen X

This add-on is out of the Maverick repo, so you know it’s going to be on fire. There’s plenty of top tier content and one click action for you to enjoy.

It’s intended as a Maverick backup, only a little quicker. Add-on community support group for Gen X can be found on Telegram, Google Communities, Twitter, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Gen X categories are :- 4K UHD Movies – Real Debrid Full HD Movies – Openload Movies – New Movie releases – Latest TV Boxsets – Live TV – 24/7 Movies And TV Shows – The Comedians (18+) – Klassic Kids TV – Documentaries – Paragon Music – The Jukebox – Live In Concert – Music TV – UK Radio Stations – Live Worldwide CCTV – Bloopers Reel – You Tube – Gen-X Toolbox

How To Install Gen X

10… Deceit
Deceit is an all-in-one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository that has a lot to offer.

The movie and TV show section are well laid out making it easy to find what your looking for.

The Live TV has seven popular IPTV Addons that will install automatically if wanted including World-TV, TV-TAP, Livenet TV, Swift Streamz, Mobdro, TV Channels, and M3U List.

Other sections include Movies, TV shows, Trakt, Live TV, Listers, 24/7 Streams, Toons & Anime, Podcast, UK Radio, Real Debrid, Search, Click to Pair, and more.

How To Install Deceit

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