The Best VPN For Egypt 2019

Now, more than ever, it’s important for residents and travelers in Egypt to use a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN encrypts a device’s internet traffic and routes it through an intermediary server in a location of the user’s choosing. By using an Egypt VPN, users can unblock websites, social media, and apps including Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and WhatsApp.

VPNs also protect users’ privacy. Internet service providers and government snoopers cannot decipher the contents of the encrypted web traffic nor its destination.

With all of that in mind, we’ve made a list of the best VPNs for Egypt based on the following criteria:

  • Fast speed and unlimited data/bandwidth for high quality and stable VoIP calls
  • Strong and up-to-date encryption and authentication
  • No traffic logs are stored on VPN servers containing contents of web traffic
  • Both mobile and desktop apps available

IMPORTANT: VPNs are legal in Egypt, but many of their servers and websites are blocked. We recommend you sign up and download the VPN of your choice before arriving in Egypt if possible.


ExpressVPN makes intuitive, easy-to-use apps. But don’t let the simple design fool you. The provider maintains the highest standards when it comes to encryption and authentication. ExpressVPN keeps no traffic logs and is based in the British Virgin Islands, which has no mandatory data retention laws. A single subscription nets you three simultaneous connections. ExpressVPN is one of very few VPNs consistently capable of unblocking US Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming content from abroad.

ExpressVPN uses obfuscation to bypass Egyptian ISP’s VPN detection systems.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux (command line), and certain wifi routers.

If you’re quite new to this stuff, ExpressVPN may be the best option for you. All you have to do to use it is make sure you are connected and choose which server you want, which is simple. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and there are browser extensions for Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Customer support is great, but slower than other providers. It offers live chat and email as contact options. Live chat is faster, but the staff are friendly and helpful either way.

ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive providers, but we still recommend it for its excellent service. Besides, you can save money by opting for a longer plan and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it before committing.

VyprVPN is another large VPN provider that are known for their privacy credentials and make an excellent choice for use in Egypt.

My favourite feature is they offer a completely free trial for 3-days. You’ll need to enter your payment details but as long as you cancel before the 3-day expires you won’t be charged a dime.

Of course, if you want to keep the service then you don’t need to do anything and your first month payment will be taken after the initial 3-day trial.

Servers are available in more than 70 countries including Cairo, Egypt.

There are also local servers in Israel, Greece, Turkey and to the east Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE.

The software and apps are some of the most user friendly I’ve tested so if you’re a beginner you’ll surely appreciate VyprVPN


IPVanish owns, rather than rents, all of the servers on its global VPN network, which means customers are ensured a sturdy connection for VoIP calls and streaming. By default, all connections use the OpenVPN protocol, uncrackable military-grade encryption, and perfect forward secrecy. The company keeps zero logs. Customers can connect up to five simultaneous devices on a single account.

The apps include an optional obfuscation feature that disguises your VPN connection to look like normal, unencrypted internet traffic.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. IPVanish is also a favorite among Kodi users due to its remote control-friendly design.

READER DEAL: Save up to 60% on IPVanish here. This includes a 7 day money-back guarantee so you can try the service risk free.


NordVPN makes privacy its highest priority. The Panama-based provider not only offers the speed and security of its top-tier brethren, it also packs several features specialized for privacy and anonymity. These include Tor over VPN and double VPN connections. NordVPN is a fantastic value, allowing up to six connections at the same time. It can unblock US Netflix and Hulu both in a browser and on their respective mobile apps. The company keeps zero logs on its users.

NordVPN’s apps boast an optional obfuscation feature that disguises your VPN connection to look like normal, unencrypted internet traffic.

Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

NordVPN offers a good service at an affordable rate, with lengthier plans being cheaper in the long-run. There is a 30-day refund, so, if you’re uncomfortable signing up for a long subscription, you can use that to make sure you like it first

All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Nord accepts Bitcoin payments, as well as PayPal and credit card.

  • A month-to-month plan costs $11.95

  • A 3 Year  plan costs $2.99 a month, billed every 3 years

  • An annual subscription is $6.99 per month

  • A two-year plan drops down to $3.99 per month

NordVPN delivers consistent, but slightly slow performance. Ping dropped considerably when connecting to remote servers in placed like in India and Australia, yet download and upload speeds were fairly consistent overall.

NordVPN has a strict no log policy, and does not record time stamps, IP addresses, traffic logs or bandwidth. And since the company is based in Panama, it falls outside the jurisdiction of US and European data collection agencies.


PureVPN manages its own server network meaning there are no third-parties involved in dealing with your data. And this a great benefit for security. Although PureVPN has a rather modest server count (currently they own 750 servers), their network span is great, covering more than 140 countries.

As any respectful service, PureVPN doesn’t keep your logs. Moreover, any sensitive information is reliably encrypted thanks to 252-bit protocols, among which you will find OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

PureVPN also claims it can enable VoIP services (many of which are banned in Egypt or have a limited functionality) and encrypt your communication via VoIP.

The service is tailored to any device and operating system you can possibly imagine. From one account PureVPN allows establishing up to 5 connections, so you can indemnify your whole family.


Does Free VPN actually Work in Egypt?

Many free VPN services claim that they work in Egypt. But let’s face the facts. Even if renowned VPN providers can find themselves blocked and their top-of-the-line protocols are being cracked down, then how will free services work? As you know, it is impossible to get quality services without paying a cent. Accordingly, free services will not be able to offer either advanced encryption protocols or high-quality user support. Most likely, their sites will also be among the banned, and even if by some miracle they are still on the line, their apps will be simply useless.

In conditions when authorities do not block VPN services, free providers never have good speeds. And now imagine what will happen when such VPNs try to bypass all the restrictions imposed by the Egyptian government. The connection speed will drop so dramatically that it won’t allow you to do anything. Moreover, you won’t be able to escape obtrusive advertising posted in the apps of free VPNs that will eat up the traffic and slow down the speed even more. So, even there are some free services that survived after the government sweeps, they will be absolutely unusable.

Paid VPN providers, on the other hand, will try to do everything possible to deliver their services to you. They offer a variety of security protocols that have not yet been blocked by the authorities. Do not play Russian roulette with free VPNs when your privacy is at stake. Trust only those VPNs for Egypt that can really protect you on the net.

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