The Newest Kodi Addons January 2019 (Quick Reference List)

  1. Borg
  2. Nole Cinema
  3. Peace
  4. Whisky One
  5. Medusa
  6. Galactus
  7. Vukovar
  8. Strikes Movie Zone
  9. Canvas
  10. Neeko
Addon NameRepo NameURL / Location
BorgAJ Builds Repo
Nole CinemaRing of saturn Repo
PeaceSkunk Repo
Whisky OneT2K Repo
MedusaMedusa Repo
GalactusHellHound Repo
VulkovarZadar Repo
Strikes Movie ZoneRocks Repo
CanvasKodiHelp Repo
NeekoIptv Master Repo

1… Borg

Nitron brings to you a well-kept VOD add-on, Borg. Easy pairing and quick access to Debrid and resolver settings are included. Resistance is futile.

Borg categories are :- Movies – Tv Shows – Borg Documentaries – Kids Area – Networks – Tools

How To Install Borg Kodi Addon

2… Nole Cinema

Nole Cinema is a new Kodi video add-on from Ring of Saturn Repository. It has many sections for movies and TV shows with Genres and Box-sets along with many sub sections. It has 1-Click links as well as search option.

How To Install Nole Cinema Kodi Addon

3… Peace

Peace is a great new Kodi video add-on from Skunk Repo. Sections include Click To Pair, TMDb Movies & TV shows, Trakt, Stoner Movies, Black and White, Trekkie Fanatics, Moviefone Trailers, along with a Live TV and sports section. The Live section uses Swift Streams for feeds.

Peace categories are :- Click To pair – TmDB Movies & TV shows – Trakt Movies & TV Shows – Over 100 Stoner Movies – Black and White Movie Collection – The Duke Movie Collection – Trekkie Fanatatics – Moviefone Trailers – Search Moviefone Trailers – Live TV – 24/7 Tv Shows – 24/7 Movies – Documentary – newscats By State – Settings .

How To Install Peace

4… Whisky One

IPTV doesn’t get much better than this for the cord-cutters out there. Whiskeyone from the very hot T2K repo have done a cracking job with this little gem. As always, be advised that channels can and will go up and down from time to time. That’s how internet TV is.

Whiskeyone categories are :- Documentary – Entertainment – Food – Kids – Movies – Music – News – Sports – USA Ch.

How To Install Whisky One Kodi Addon

5… Medusa

Medusa is a new Kodi video add-on from the Medusa repository that is an update to the old Neptune Rising add-on. Sections include Movies, TV shows, Top, Playlist, IMDB, Critters Corner, What The Fork, My Movies, Tools, and Search. It is a Fork of the once very popular Neptune Rising / Poseidon add-on with updated code to pull in more links

Medusa categories are :- Movies – Tv Shows – Top Movies – Playlists – IMDB User Lists – Critters Corner – What The Fork? – My Movies – My TV Shows – Tools – Search.

How To Install Medusa Kodi Addon

6… Galactus 

Galactus is a Kodi video add-on located in Hell Hounds Repository. Sections include Movies, TV, Productions and Directors, Actors and Actress, Movies 247, 247 TV, Search, along with many subsections

How To Install Galactus Kodi Addon

7… Vulkovar

Vukovar is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Zadar Repository. It has feeds from around the world including Albania, Italy, English, Portugal, France and more. The menu is in Croatian but the streams have their own language spoken. For example Engleska TV is English / American feeds

How to Install Vulkovar Kodi Addon

8… Strikes Movie ZoneStrike’s Movie Zone is a Kodi video Add-on from Rocks Repository. Sections include Maverick Movies, Classic, Superhero, Marvel, Popcorn flix, Western, Mix, Kings of Horror, Kids, Animated and more. It pulls in links from YouTube and plays movie streams with no buffering.

How To Install Strikes Movie Zone

9… Canvas

Canvas is a new all-in-one Kodi add-on from KoDIY Help Repo. Sections include Movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, Just for Kids, My List, Search, Music, Fishing, Her Place, Stand Up, Griffs Docs, Tols Tutorials, Real World Settings, Custom, and more

How To Install Canvas Kodi Addon

10… Neeko

Neeko is a new Kodi video add-on located in the IPTV Master repository. Section include Movies, Anime, and Live TV (IPTV).

Other sections include Movies, TV shows, Trakt, Live TV, Listers, 24/7 Streams, Toons & Anime, Podcast, UK Radio, Real Debrid, Search, Click to Pair, and more.

How To Install Neeko Kodi Addon

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