Benefits of Using a VPN 2019

Signing up for a VPN delivers a lot of amazing benefits. They offer an increased level of privacy, online security, and digital anonymity by default, but you also get the added ability to change your virtual location, which is a cornerstone of a free and open internet. Some of these features are essential in the modern world, but others are just nice to have. Either way, VPNs deliver a lot of value for the price, no matter which service you use.

  1. Watch videos from other regions – The best non-privacy related benefit of using a VPN is being able to access streaming content from outside your home country. Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and other streaming services are forced to restrict which movies and TV shows can be watched in different countries. With a VPN active, you can change your virtual location with just a few clicks, letting you watch content previously unavailable in your area.
  2. Encrypt data for privacy – Normally, data sent through the internet is passed in a raw format, meaning anyone with the right tools can download and view it. With a VPN’s encryption, however, all of your information will be sent in a scrambled form, readable only by yourself and the VPN that encrypted it in the first place.
  3. Hide your IP address – IP addresses can be used to identify a person’s location, even trace them back to their home. When you’re using a VPN, however, you’re assigned an IP address associated with the VPN network, not your current location. This lets you surf the web with a much higher level of anonymity.
  4. Access censored websites – Censorship is a growing problem in the world, especially when it comes to governments and businesses. Restricting access to certain websites is an increasingly common practice in a number of countries, including China, Turkey, and India. A VPN is a simple way to step around those blocks. If you can’t reach Google, Facebook, or any other site due to censorship, simply change your location through a VPN and try again.
  5. Stop surveillance and tracking – A great side effect of a VPN’s encryption and non-local IP addresses is that it makes it much more difficult for governments or third parties to track your online activity. Surveillance efforts will also be rendered nearly useless.

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