install youtube on fire tv or fire tv stick

Even though YouTube is officially not available on Amazon FireStick and Fire TV devices, I reckon we will be just fine without it. We have YouTube TV for Firestick, an alternate, which lets you play all the videos from YouTube and even sign in with the same Google ID. And, even when you can’t get this fill-in app from the Amazon App Store, you can easily side-load the app on your FireStick. Of course, it is not as straightforward as you may like. But, that’s what we have this guide for. In this walkthrough, I will show you how to download YouTube TV on Fire Stick. Keep reading!

Pro Tip: Get a VPN for Fire Stick to bypass online surveillance, ISP throttling, and geo-blocking of content on Netflix / YouTube.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources on FireStick

YouTube is no longer available as an official app on FireStick. Therefore, we will install it from a third-party source.

Android devices have an inbuilt security feature that wouldn’t let you install the apps you have obtained from outside the Amazon Store. To install such apps, this security feature must be disabled.

You may think this could be potentially unsafe. I agree with you. However, YouTube TV FireStick app we are going to get is completely safe. We have been using it for a while. This security feature is only for the malicious apps that might sneak in some malware or virus onto your system.

We will have to enable what is called ‘Unknown Sources’, which is the part of the security settings. This will let you download any apps that are not from Amazon Store and that FireStick considers ‘unknown’.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Plug in your Firestick device to the TV, turn it on and connect it to the internet.
  • Hover over the ‘Settings’ menu in the menu bar on the top. You will see the menu bar when you are on the FireStick home screen. Use your remote to navigate to it.
  • Now click ‘Device’ on the list of the options that you see in Settings

youtube firestick

  • Select ‘Developer Options’ on the next screen

how to install youtube on firestick

  • Highlight and click ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ to change its status

how to get youtube back on fire tv stick

  • There’s the warning message apprising you of the potential risks involved with turning Unknown Sources on. That’s alright. Go ahead and select ‘Turn on’. As I said, YouTube TV is totally safe.

turn on apps from unknown sources on firestick

  • But, what I would suggest you do is disable the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ again when the YouTube TV is installed. This will keep your device safer. You can always turn it back ON whenever you need to install any other third-party app or service.

Step 2: Install Downloader App on Fire TV Stick

Now we are going to install the app called Downloader. We need this app to download the APK file of YouTube TV for FireStick.

If you are not sure what an APK file is, let me give you a quick overview. APK file is the executable file for the Android platform. It is akin to EXE on Windows and DMG on Mac operating systems. The APK file is needed to install as well as run the apps on Android devices.

To install YouTube on FireStick, you will need the APK file. And, to get the APK file, Downloader app is needed. You can check here how to sideload apps on FireStick with downloader app.

download youtube on firestick

Once you install the Downloader app, come back to this article and start following

Step 3: Uninstall Official YouTube App if You Still Have It

The YouTube TV app for Fire Stick may behave erratically if you still have the official YouTube app from Google. To avoid any hassles in the future, let’s quickly delete the ‘no-longer-working’ YouTube from our device.

  1. Open Settings from the top menu bar on the FireStick home screen
  2. Open ‘Applications’
  3. Select ‘Manage Installed Applications’
  4. Select YouTube from the list and click Uninstall. Follow the onscreen instructions.

We are all set now to install YouTube on FireStick.

Step 4: Steps to Install YouTube TV on Fire Stick

Now is the time to get to the real business! Let me help you get Amazon FireStick YouTube using the Downloader app we just set up. The upcoming process is going to be quick and easy.

I will show you how to download the YouTube TV APK file from a third-party website. I again assure you that the website we are getting the file from is trusted and safe. In fact, you may download this file on your computer and scan it with an antivirus. This way you will be more confident about its viability and security.

Let us now see how to install YouTube on Fire Stick. Follow the steps below:

#1. Open Downloader app again in case you closed it

#2. Press the ‘Select’ button on your remote to bring up the on-screen keyboard. If you have any URL already typed in, in the address bar navigate to the ‘Clear’ button (bottom left on the onscreen keyboard) and press it. This will empty the address bar for you to type in the APK destination address

#3. Type in the following address using the onscreen keyboard: Type in the address correctly. This is where most typos occur.

youtube firestick

#4. Hit the ‘Go’ button on the onscreen keyboard

#5. Wait for the page to load. If the website does not appear properly, click the menu button on the top right (hamburger menu, in the same row as the address bar, next to the ‘Go’ button, on the Downloader home screen). From the drop-down menu select the ‘Fullscreen Mode’. When you are done, you can press the Menu button on your ‘remote’ to exit the fullscreen mode.

#6. Now scroll down to the Downloads section on the webpage and open the link ‘Stable version’ (make sure that Home option is selected on the left sidebar on the webpage)

download youtube on firestick

#7. Wait for the file to download

#8. Hit the ‘Install’ button on the pop-up that appears (if it appears) right after the download has finished. Usually, the installation will start right straightaway without you having to take any action

#9. You will now see a new screen titled ‘Smart YouTube TV’ asking for your consent to install the app. Click the ‘Install’ button on the bottom right of the screen to continue

how to install youtube on fire stick

#10. Wait for a few seconds. Once the app is installed, you will see the confirmation window saying, ‘App installed.’ You can either click ‘DONE’ to go back to the Downloader interface and open YouTube TV later or you can select ‘OPEN’ to run the app right away

get youtube on fire stick

#11. I always click DONE button as it takes me back to the Downloader app where I click ‘Delete’ button to remove the APK file from my device storage (see the image below). You don’t need the APK file any longer as the app has been installed. Deleting it will clear up some space on your limited FireStick storage.

delete youtube apk from fire tv stick

So, this is how we install YouTube on FireStick and Fire TV devices.

If you are still in Downloader full-screen mode, exit it by pressing the Menu button on your remote. Also, close the Downloader app.

We will now look at the YouTube TV app we installed on Fire Stick device.